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From the Danish workshop

Board design and repair

Rob Rudolf My favorite surfboard was damaged and I wanted a specialist repair. It was an easy job for DIRK Boards and I am very happy to get back on the water with a board that is as strong and beautiful as before. The great experience and opportunity to inspect the high quality custom shapes at the shop also make me eager to ride one of Dirk's creations!

Morton Larson Sorensen Dirk offers top class fair priced boards and repairs. I contacted Dirk with a hopeless repair job that he fixed and gave the board new life. For sure the best shaper around.

Emil Kamuk Dirk repaired 5 boards for me that had damage of various sizes. The result was fantastic, and Dirk was good at asking how I wanted it and giving advice on what he thought would give a good result. Can definitely recommend him!

Mads Hjort Dirk repaired the tail of my surfboard absolutely magnificently. Leash box was ripped out after a trip in the water. It's fixed to be nicer, stronger and better now. Easy and flexible agreement on delivery and collection, payment.Huge recommendation!

Ulla Elkjaer Christiansen The best board we have is from DIRK boards. It is super stable on the water and has a really cool design. In fact, we have three boards from DIRK boards - for our children also like DIRK boards best 😊.

Hans Henrik Hedegaard Do not miss the opportunity to have your own personal board made. I have tried several of Dirk's boards in both sea and flatwater. He will do his part to make you happy.