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Foil board 6x23x6 110L - Steve McQueen

Foil board 6x23x6 110L - Steve McQueen

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Wing, paddle or kite foil board; 6 feet by 23 inches, max thickness 6 inches in tail.  Vacuum bagged glass, flax, carbon & innegra fabrics.  FCS handle with Gore vent.  13 Lbs.  16 inch Chinook track boxes.  Steve McQueen mugshot graphics.
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Boards listed on this store are all in stock and ready to ship...I will diligently follow all orders to completion. I can build you a custom shape in your desired materials; carbon, flax, patterned material, resin tints, foam paints. Just about any graphic can be added under glass from a Vector image. is a great source of graphics I can embed in the board. I design most of my boards with a CAD program and can share drawings with you before building the board. The final shape is cut on a CNC machine to ensure consistent quality.


One year warranty for mechanical defects; not including normal damage from surfing (f.x. pressure dings or impact damage). This is a handmade work of art; some imperfections may occur that are not structural defects.


Free shipping in continental United States.